Are your kiddos getting enough water?

By on 6-14-2014 in Our Kiddos

water1Those hot summer days are rapidly approaching.  My hubby has had 2 bouts of heat exhaustion.  Because of those experiences, you know I am obsessed with keeping everyone hydrated especially during the summer months.  So, I ask you…Are your kiddos are getting enough water?

Water is essential to our children’s health.  Drinking plenty of water helps to maintain the body’s internal water balance.  Most drinking water contains fluoride,which helps strengthens your children’s teeth.

Children need between five and eight cups of water each day, according to a study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.”  However, some children may be fine with less water, while children who are very active may need more.  Your child may need more water during the day when it’s hot outside or when he’s sick or recovering from being sick.  I’m sure your doctor reminds you to make sure your kiddo gets lots of fluids when they are sick.

It’s hard to tell if your kids are getting enough water.  My surefire way is to check their urine.  Dark yellow means not enough water.  I have programmed Bryan to recognize this.  He knows, if his pee isn’t clear he needs more water.  Lately, as I have begun to push the water more, Bryan will come back and say, “But Mommy my pee is clear!”  Can’t argue with that!!

Other signs of dehydration include headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness and dry mouth.   Waiting for your child to say he/she is thirsty isn’t very good because by the time they are thirsty, they are most likely already dehydrated.

As few as 10 percent of girls and 15 percent of boys get the recommended amount of water each day, according to the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” study.  It was also found that children were more likely to consume high-sugar beverages than water, especially at meal time, making it difficult for them to get the recommended amount of water.  Fruit, sugar-free frozen treats and even low-fat milk are all good ways to help your child stay hydrated.

If you want your children to drink more water, one of the best ways to encourage them is by drinking more water yourself.  You know this hospital water cups?  Well, I have two of them.  I have kept one full of water all day long for myself since I came home from the hospital with Bryan.  Last year Bryan insisted on using the other one.  He keeps his full too.  Emma has picked up on the trend.  Only for her I am using a spill proof thermos.  Most kiddos like the water better when it’s cold.  So, I always make sure there’s ice in the water.  I also always order a water when we are out at a restaurant.  Bryan is doing the same these days.  Everyone thinks its so cute that he copies Mommy.  But I know he’s learning good habits.  After all, they do learn by example 🙂   So make sure your kiddos are getting enough water this summer…and yourself too!


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