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289988Today brings us to my other favorite product…BASIC-G®.  Being an all natural germicide, what could BASIC-G® possibly do better?  Simply put, BASIC-G® Disinfects, Cleans, and Deodorizes in 1 Easy Step.   Check out these details!!

♦ EPA registered GERMICIDE
♦ Tough on Germs, Gentle on the Earth
♦ Disinfectant for less than 2 cents bottle!
♦ 1 qt of BASIC-G® makes over 500 12oz bottles of antibacterial cleaner like Lysol and Clorox.  

BASIC-G® is non-flammable, bio-degrable and non-toxic.  Bacteria, fungi, and viruses can wreak havoc on your family’s health and safety. Used as directed, BASIC-G® tackles over 40 of these pesky microbes, including several animal viruses.


It kills 32 pathogens while Lysol only kills 8.

How to mix…

Mix 1 tsp. to 16 oz spray bottle
Mix 1 Tbsp. To 1 gallon water

BASIC-G® has a three year shelf life. Its residual effectiveness lasts up to three days after application. Chlorine bleach, used as a disinfectant, is effective for no more than one hour. This product is great wherever disinfectants are used! Not to mention that BASIC-G® is MOST EFFECTIVE!


Where to use…


In the Bathroom

Toilets          Garbage Pails          Diaper Pails           Sinks and Faucets          Showers

Pet Areas

In the Kitchen

Countertops          Cutting Boards (not around food)          Faucet and Sink          Refrigerator Handles          Floors

Trash Cans          Door Knobs          After preparing eggs, chicken & meats to kill Salmonella

Use as a Weed Killer

1-gallon Water          1-tblspn of  BASIC-G®          1/2-cup of white vinegar

Makes the best weed killer, and it is safe.


Other Problem Jobs

Safe to use as an air freshener.                    Safe for stainless steel & aluminum.

It is safe to  use on hard, non-porous surfaces.

images-1Great for disinfecting throughout your house


One quart of BASIC-G® will make up to 64 gallons.  According to my calculation… you could save approx. $1500.00 by purchasing 1 bottle of BASIC-G®.  Doesn’t that sound great?  Oh, what could you buy with all that extra cash?  Maybe some shoes (ha…my favorite kind of shopping) or maybe you want to pay off some bills.  Whatever makes you happy.  Just remember, the way to that extra money is to buy Shaklee cleaning products.  You will be so glad you did.  With more cash in your pocket and a safer, cleaner home, how can you go wrong?








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