Heart of Your Home …. day 13

By on 4-13-2014 in Clean in 30 Days



As moms we like to think that we are the heart of the home.  While that may be quite true, we all know that the kitchen is also the heart of your home is.  It is where EVERYONE gathers.  Whether its just you and the kiddos or an evening with friends, it always seems everyone converges in the kitchen.

Another thing we all know is that a kitchen gets dirty quicker than any other place in the house.  If you are like me, that is the one place that needs to be clean.  I just can’t stand it when the kitchen is dirty.

Did you ever think that while scouring the sink, you could also make your family healthier?  That’s what happens when you use the Get Clean® products from Shaklee.  Beyond the Basic H2 products, Germ Off, Scour Off and Basic G, Shaklee has developed some excellent cleaning products specifically for the heart of your home.  And guess what…one of these upcoming products is proven MORE EFFECTIVE than leading green brands.  Find out which one….tomorrow!  See you then!






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