How Much Is It? …. day 1

By on 4-01-2014 in Clean in 30 Days

I have been trying to figure out how to start off this series.  Then it hit me.  In today’s world most people are looking at the cost.  That’s the first thing most people ask about anything…”How much is it?”  Believe me, at first glance, the Shaklee products may look expensive.  $12 for a bottle of cleaner seems a bit ridiculous, right?  So let’s get this cost thing out of the way.

The products are concentrated – which means it takes just a smidge (like a teaspoon or so) of the product mixed with water to actually clean.  Because they are concentrated, these bottles last a very long time. A year, maybe?  Depends on how often you clean.  This is why Shaklee’s cleaning products are less expensive in the long run!

Remember, the products are always non-toxic. That in itself is a huge bonus! With my two little ones running around, I don’t have to worry about them getting into chemicals or trying to help clean.  Bryan loves to help clean…even when I’m Image1-1not cleaning – he’s going to make a great husband someday 🙂 With Shaklee products, I don’t have to worry!  Best of all I didn’t have to put on those stupid cabinet latches that we mommies can’t manage!!!

While those chemical filled products are “easy and quick” to buy at the store, Shaklee is delivered right to your home.  It can’t get any easier than that.  The arrival just isn’t as quick.   You just need to be on the ball and order before you run out.  Either that or you take a break from cleaning until your products come in 🙂

Don’t you hate smelling like bleach or ammonia even after a shower?  With Shaklee your home just smells “clean” and you can wear your favorite scent, knowing you aren’t trying to cover up anything else.

With all this info, doesn’t that initial extra cost seem worth it?  Almost as if the question “How much is it?” doesn’t even matter.  I’ll be sure to show you some savings statistics for various products over the next month.  You can’t go wrong with these cleaning products.  I absolutely love them!  You will too!  Check them out by clicking here







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