Huge Wave

By on 2-06-2014 in Interesting Finds

big_waveYou have got to see this photo taken off a coast in England.             CLICK HERE

I cannot post the photo as they want a fee, but here is the story….

Photographer Simon Emmett captured this stunning shot earlier this week while snapping pictures near the harbor in the coastal town of Lyme Regis, England.

According to the Daily Mail towering waves had been pounding Britain’s shores the day Emmett took the haunting photo, as devastating storm lashed the island nation.

Emmett’s awesome picture, which has gone viral, has stirred the world’s imagination this week.

“Face of hell storm,” the U.K.’s Daily Star wrote in a caption emblazoned over the epic shot on its front page Thursday.

On his his Facebook page, Emmett wrote that he hadn’t even noticed that he had captured the oceanic face until he “looked back through the shots [he] took.”

“It’s a strange feeling when you upload a photo and it goes global,” he wrote in another Facebook comment, adding that the all the hubbub about the spooky snap has “totally blown [him] away.”

Fascinating huh?


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