Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party

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Bryans_Invite - Version 2So, this year Bryan turned 4 last month.  A Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme was at the top of his list.  I thought…no problem.  Until I had to get the party supplies.  While they are available, I wasn’t able to get everything in one convenient place.  Thank goodness for the internet.  I designed his invitation with help from downloads and printed them as 4″ x 6″ photos from Walgreens.

IMG_7447I got Jake and the Pirates table cloths and balloons.  I also bought two lunch boxes that had Jake and the Neverland Pirates on them and filled them with plastic bead necklaces, rings, gems and coins.  I also buried the rings, necklaces, coins, and gems in the sandbox so the little pirates could dig for treasure.












As always, a bounce house was required 🙂  The company, Let’s Jump, was generous enough to order a Jake and the Neverland Pirates banner to attach to the front which was much appreciated.



Punch, meatballs, chips/queso and hot dogs were on the menu.  Something for everyone.










I had planned on making booty bags filled with goodies for favors.  Then Disney.com sent me an email.  A 9″ plush talking Skully for $5.


20140508_095324Now, the booty bags were going to cost me that, plus my time making them.  This couldn’t have come at a better time.  What a cool party favor!!!  Of course Bryan insisted that everyone still get a pirate eye patch.

I purchased gold bar boxes and filled them with Bryan’s favorite candy, M&Ms, and made address labels with a thank you message on them as favors for all our adult guests.

About a week before the party…after the invites had gone out by the way…Bryan informs me that he wants his friends to dress up as Izzy and Jake.  Oh my!  I could not call everyone and tell them to dress up.  So, to the net I went…again.  There was a ton of great ideas.  For Jake, I opted for headbands made from red bandanas…using a Jake headband Bryan already had as a pattern.  Blow up Jake and the Neverland Pirate swords completed the Jake ensemble.  For Izzy, I simply purchased pinkbandanas and folded/tied them around the girls heads upon arrival. Pixie dust pouches were made out of gold glitter, organize pouches and ribbon.  The “costumes” were arranged on a table by the front door with simple instructions.


Luckily, my little pirate was totally impressed and pleased with the dress up options.  Whew!!!  Can’t let my little man down.  However, I did have to draw the line when he asked if we could build pirate island in the backyard.  Enough is enough!!!  Oh the imagination of a 4 year old…it sure is fun.











I always make my kiddos cakes.  It was no surprise when Bryan asked for a Bucky cake.  Oh wow…this would be my cake test 20140404_235126of all time.  So, I got to building a mast with sails and crows nest…I was not making that edible 🙂  When I finished it, I showed it to Bryan for approval.  Being very detail oriented, he promptly told me that Bucky’s mast has a ladder and that I needed to make one.  So, back I went…adding a ladder.  Although there was some disagreement that the one I mad was white and the one Bucky has is black…oh well…I won that one 🙂  I spent the night before the party creating…BUCKY!  The picture says it all.


I am totally caked out!  Thank goodness there were no more parties for a little bit…my niece’s party would be in 3 weeks though…just enough time to recupe.

After all the preparation, it was great that everyone had a blast.  Our Jake and the Neverland Pirates party went off without a hitch!  Now to start planning Emma’s for October!








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