Let’s Clean House …. day 30

By on 4-30-2014 in Clean in 30 Days

images-1Get the real dirt on clean.  Is your home dirtier after you clean it?  Then let’s clean house!

Over the last 30 days of clean, I am sure there was at least one tid bit of information that was news to you and maybe even a little bit shocking.  Now I just have one last question for you.  You wouldn’t let your kids play with toxic chemicals, so why would you let your baby crawl across a floor that’s just been wiped with them?  Think about that…it goes as far as the toys that you disinfect, the tables, the counters…almost everything your little rugrats touch.

Shaklee products are a proven safe, effective alternative to name brand cleaners.  Bring Shaklee GET CLEAN® into your home, and you can count on cleansers that are safe for you and your family – and that truly leave your home cleaner.  Below is a video about the GET CLEAN® product line.  After you see it, I hope that you will be further inspired to get your Shaklee cleaning products.  Then let’s clean house together and make our homes and the world safer for our children one step at a time.





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