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MW_HeroimagesDid you know that with age, your brain actually shrinks? In fact, it has been found that the volume of the brain declines with age at a rate of around 5% per decade after age 40.  Yikes!!  Don’t fret, MindWorks can help!  MindWorks is one of Shaklee’s newest supplements, released just this week at the national convention.  The key nutrients in MindWorkshave been shown to immediately enhance mental sharpness and focus and protect against age-related mental decline.”

Check out this video for a little more info…

A colleague, who is also a Shaklee distributor, had the privilege of trying MindWorks before it hit the market.  Here’s what he had to say:


                          “I am trying out one of the four bottle of new Shaklee Mindworks. This is the
                          4th day, and it feels like my mind has gotten a good lubrication. Thoughts flow
                          more effortlessly, transitions from one task to the next are easier, and detailed
                          discussion are more profound, as a speaker and as a listener. Great stuff!”
                                                                                                                                            -Bob Ferguson

Order yours today….CLICK HERE

Can’t wait to try this stuff out!  Maybe MindWorks will help out with that mushy mommy brain…just today I forgot all about Emma’s weekly swim lesson…my oh my!!!





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