Mushy Mommy Brain

By on 3-19-2014 in The Moms We Are

mommybrain2They say your brain turns to mush once you have kids.  Well, at least that’s what my dad keeps telling me.  Finally, I looked it up.  It’s real.  Apparently, we just start doing silly things and forgetting things after having babies.  I can honestly say that before my precious kiddos I remembered EVERYTHING…even the smallest things.  I still remember things, but I have trouble remembering to actually do things.  Luckily I haven’t put the milk in the pantry only to find it after it’s too late (since curdled milk grosses me out) or anything as extreme as that.

From stories I have heard and read, there’s many women that suffer from this mushy brain issue.  Of course, our brain is not really turning to mush nor has our brain capacity changed.  The issue occurs in people who are busy, stressed or lacking sleep.  Hmmm…who could that be…Mommy’s!!!!  We don’t have an old brain turning to mush, we have an old brain that has been invaded by the “Mommy Brain”.  This mommy brain is soooooo tired that it just don’t act as sharp as before.

The question is what can we do to enhance our brain activity and get back to normal?   Obviously, we would all like more sleep, but HA!  While we all work on that, how about taking some time to sit down, have a cup of coffee and do a crossword puzzle or sudoku.  Play some sort of game that forces you to use your “adult” brain.  

The other thing we can do is take a DHA supplement to enhance memory.  The DHA omega-3 fatty acid can provide cardiovascular health benefits, support visual performance and enhance brain health such as memory.  Hmmmm…I don’t think I get enough of that.  We boost up on this supplement when we are pregnant, but how many of us actually keep taking it after giving birth?  Maybe it’s something we should continue to take.  What do you think?

So, while my dad continues to tease me about my mushy brain, I will continue to make my lists so I don’t forget.  I would love to get more sleep, but that’s not looking likely to happen.  So, I think I’ll try some DHA.  Hope for the best and live with what I get.  After all, those little critters are soooooo worth it!




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