Health is Wealth

By on 5-09-2014

“THE FIRST WEALTH IS HEALTH” – Ralph Waldo Emerson   Shaklee is the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. Why? The logical reasons are many: Over $250 million invested in clinical testing, research, and development Over 83,000 tests annually for product quality Over 100 scientific papers, 90 of them published in peer- reviewed journals Quality far and beyond industry standards But the real reason is much less quantifiable…It’s passion. Shaklee thinks that...

Laundry Kit …. day 25

By on 4-25-2014

Wow!  I can’t believe we are already at day 25.  Time has flown by!  There never seems to be enough time to actually do the things we love does there?  So, stop wasting all that time at the store trying to figure out what laundry products are best and have more time to do the things you like.   Just buy the Shaklee GET CLEAN® LAUNDRY MINI KIT.  It has all the wonderful products we...

Dryer Sheets …. day 23

By on 4-23-2014

Did you know that fabric softeners and dryer sheets are known as some of the most toxic household products used today!  In fact, I bet that if you really knew what you were using to clean your family’s clothes, you wouldn’t use it any more.  Persuasive advertisements promise us soft, fragrant towels, sheets and clothes when we use their dryer sheets.  Truth be told, these products contain a very high amount of toxic chemicals...

Fresh Powder …. day 20

By on 4-20-2014

Okay you skiers out there…calm down.  We are talking fresh powder laundry detergent not the wintry kind.  An oldie but a goodie.  At least that’s what I think when I hear someone mention powder laundry detergent.  I mean…that’s what my mom used when I was a kid and her mom when she was a kid. There are some people that still prefer to use powder over liquid.   After all, powder detergents are less expensive,...


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