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By on 4-28-2014 in Clean in 30 Days

mugs-r7bbfd3a5b7f74d7eb22d000b017967bd_x7jgr_8byvr_152Seeing that our 30 days of clean is drawing to a close, I figured some of you might be wondering about the Shaklee membership.  I am sure you have noticed in the pricing I gave you that members pay a lesser price.  Being a Shaklee member provides you with a 15% discount on ALL of your purchases starting with your very first one.  The only thing you have to do is purchase the $19.95 Shaklee membership with your first order and your savings begin!


Other Shaklee Membership Benefits:

• Additional 10% off select products with convenient shipping

• Exclusive access to online deals, health articles, and more

• Unconditional 100% money-back guarantee

As of today, April 28, 2014, you can get a free Shaklee membership with the purchase of one of three different products…


Unknown-1Shaklee 180TM TurnaroundTM Kit #89280

Go from Before to After with clinically tested weight-loss products†—and a program designed to burn fat, not muscle. This customizable two-meal kit delivers a complete program of smoothees, snacks, energizing tea, and metabolic boost*— along with access to exclusive tools, support and rewards.

Suggested Retail Price: $396.95 Member Price: $269.95 



Embrace your After-AfterTM with clinically tested products†—and a program designed to create a leaner, healthier you. With Leucine- powered smoothees and Vitalizer delivering over 80 bio-optimized nutrients to the right place at the right time, plus exclusive online tools, daily support, and great rewards, you’ll find everything you need to fuel your day.
Suggested Retail Price: $239.10 Member Price: $149.95


Shaklee VitalizerTM

The most advanced multinutrient supplement pack with 80 bio- optimized nutrients in one daily serving.

Unknown-2VitalizerTM Men #20282                                                                      Suggested Retail Price: $93.25 Member Price: $79.25

VitalizerTM Women #20283                                                               Suggested Retail Price: $93.25 Member Price: $79.25

VitalizerTM Gold #20284 (without K #20285)                                  Suggested Retail Price: $100 Member Price: $84.95


†The weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180TM Program was tested in a 12-week preliminary study. Meal-in-a-Bars were not part of this study. The Lean & Healthy portion of the Shaklee 180TM Program was tested in a 9-month study along with exercise. 


Although none of the current offers for free membership involve the GET CLEAN® products, rest assured that the Shaklee supplements are just as good.  In the future, I will be offering you information about the supplements Shaklee offers through another 30 Day series.

Granted membership is not for everyone.  However, I guarantee that the $20 bucks you spend on membership will save you that and then some in the long run.  Try out the GET CLEAN® products and a Shaklee Membership!  With a 100% Money back guarantee, what have you got to lose?






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