Smell Fresh …. day 18

By on 4-18-2014 in Clean in 30 Days


I love my sheets, towels and clothes to smell fresh but not flowery, fruity or whatever new scent is on the market.  Before we started using Shaklee, my hubby’s hunting buddies would give him a hard time about his “pretty smelling” clothes….hehe…but hubby was the one who picked out that lavender scented detergent.  He liked the fact that it smelled “clean” or whatever.  I guess to him, if it had a specific scent he could smell then it must be clean.

Without him knowing, I switched to the Shaklee liquid detergent.  The first time I used it, Greg came walking out of the laundry room talking about how good and clean it smelled in there.  “What did you do?” he kept asking.  When I told him what it was, he was impressed.  No more foo foo scents for us.  We could smell fresh without the fancy smells.  Just good ol’ all natural clean for us!



In keeping with the GET CLEAN® reputation, the laundry products are also tough on dirt!  All without the use of bleach and frilly perfumes.  I believe that these all natural laundry products perform just a good if not better than the leading national brands.  There’s not a whole lot of products in the laundry line.  After all, how many products do we really need?  See for yourself over the next couple of days and smell fresh for yourself!




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