Soft on the earth and your hands …. day 14

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There comes a time when all of us must break down and wash some dishes or pots and pans by hand.  Ughhh!!  There goes our hands.  We start by running hot water into the sink and then begin to squeeze a huge long stream of dish soap into the running water.  After all, these jobs are tough and we don’t want to run out of soap.  What if I told you you could use only a couple of drops of dish soap on the toughest, greasiest jobs and still come away cleaner than other leading green brands?  What if I also said that this product is soft on your hands and the earth?  It’s true!!  Shaklee’s Dish Wash Concentrate does just this.

It took me a while to reprogram my brain into using just a little bit.  I still regress sometimes…like at my mom’s the other day when we used some dishes and I was too lazy to empty her dishwasher, but didn’t want to leave the dirty dishes.  She caught me in mid-stream with the Shaklee dish soap saying calmly, “You don’t need that much.”  haha….oops!

Shaklee statements about  their Get Clean® Dish Wash Concentrate

  • Helps loosen baked-on foods so you can use less elbow grease.Image192514716
  • Mild on your hands – special formula won’t remove natural oils in your skin, giving you soft hands as well as sparkling dishes.
  • Maximum long-lasting suds.
  • Leaves your dishes sparkling clean.
  • Great camping choice – biodegradable surfactants and safe for use outdoors in warm or cold water.

While the initial price of  $8.10 ($6.90 for members) seems a bit over the top, I assure you the only thing over the top is the soap itself.  Shaklee Dish Wash Concentrate is “MORE EFFECTIVE than Palmolive® Ultra Pure + Clean, Clorox® Green Works® Natural Dishwashing Liquid, and Seventh Generation®Natural dish Liquid. (This performance comparison was conducted on June 4, 2010, and is valid only for the named products marketed at that time. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners).”  This 16oz bottle lasts me about 3 months…maybe more depending on how often I wash things by hand.  Back when I was using other name brands, their 16 oz bottles lasted me a couple of weeks.  So, the cost to use Shaklee Dish Wash is minimal.

Unlike other soaps, Shaklee dish wash concentrate does not dry out your hands because it leaves the natural oils in your skin.  Without the natural oils, your skin will begin to dry out and then you’ll be using even more hand lotion than before.  The scent is fresh and the bottle is pretty which both add to the ambiance of your kitchen.  So, go soft on the earth and your hands while you knock the grease and dirt out!






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