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By on 6-30-2014 in Our Kiddos

images-1Hot summer days are here…well not that it’s been too hot here in Texas, but I am sure they are coming.  The question remains of what to do with our kiddos.  Here are a few summer activities for the kids that I have come up with…

1.  Local Water Park Passes – This is sure to cool you and the kiddos off.  I purchased season passes for $40 each.  Emma is still free, so that helped.  Not to mention that with a season pass, we can go up for an hour or two a day and not feel like I am not getting my money’s worth.  With little ones, you don’t want to keep them out in the sun too long and to pay for a daily admission and only stay an hour or so seems like a waste of money to me.  You can also try out the local city pools too.

2.  Summer Reading at the Library  –  Not only will this get those kiddos reading, but there are also various activities the library will put on throughout the program.  The best part….it’s FREE

3.  Museum Passes  –  Museums are uually so expensive for a day pass.  Look into a year pass for your images-2family.  We bought a pass to our local museum for $100 for the year.  Talk about a deal.  We can go when we want, stay as long or short as we want, and the best part…the air conditioning on a HOT day 🙂

4.  Zoo  –  So this may not seem so great on a hot summer day, but inTexas we kinda get used to being outside in the heat.  However, the zoo is great on a cloudy overcast day.  Our year family pass was $160 and includes admission, parking, free rides inside, and discounts on food and drink.   I get a nanny in on that price too…not that I have one, but if you do 🙂  I think there is a $100 family pass as well.

DSCN01165.  Berry Picking  –  This is usually free and will vary by season and location.  We took the kiddos and they both had a wonderful time.

6.  Summer Camp  –  I didn’t want to put my kiddos into everyay summer camp.  But then I remembered how much fun I had at camp.  So, I found one that is two days a weeks and runs for 4 weeks.  $150 per session.  At the age of 4, Bryan is having a blast.

Have more summer activities for the kiddos?  Let me know and we will get them posted!  I am sure everyone is always looking for new and fun ideas!







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