Teacher Appeciation

By on 5-07-2014 in Crafts


So, this week is teacher appreciation.  I was cruising the net looking for gifts and found apencil vase that I was able to recreate at a minimal cost…since I had 8 gifts to do.  I mentioned this idea to a friend and ended up making 5 for her kids as well.  My brother and sister each needed one too.  Wow…this idea kept blossoming!  Maybe I should have sold them!!!  These pencil vases really turned out great and everyone loved them.

I went to walmart and in the floral section I found the small bud vases for 1.27 each.  The pencils were $1.47 for


20 (you need 22 per vase).  The ribbon was $1.97 per roll (each roll makes 5).  The apples I printed on scrapbook paper ($0.79 at Michaels).  So per vase the cost was  about $3.35.  I started out sharpening the pencils, but without an electric sharpener, it took forever and resulted in blisters.  So, I made some vases with sharpened pencils and some without.  I also wasn’t able to get all yellow pencils, so that accounted for two different styles as well.  I hot glued the pencils to the vase and attached the ribbon and the apple.  Voila!  Pencil Vase! In about 10 minutes!  Teacher appreciation week accomplished!



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