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By on 2-05-2014 in The Moms We Are

quizHave you ever been asked, or even thought, “What kind of mom are you?”  Well, I thought it might be fun to get to know each other.  So, I found a quiz to get us started.  It’s on Oprah’s website so it must be a good one, right?? :))  
I took the quiz and here is my result…
Your Result:
The Funseeker Mom
Funseeker Mom is always ready for action with a cooler full of snacks, ice-cold juice boxes and a go-to attitude. She makes the best of any situation, whether it’s a long carpool line or bad year in algebra. And, she never lets the fear of no available parking stop her from heading to the beach or the park with a car full of kids. She’s glass-half-full all the time.
Go take the quiz, copy your results and come back to share them.  See you soon!!
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