The Safest Place in the World …. day 12

By on 4-12-2014 in Clean in 30 Days


Home should be the  

SAFEST place in the world!

Using Get Clean® makes this a reality!



Okay, so I got into Shaklee thanks to my parents.  When I joined the company, I chose to get the cleaning products with my membership.  I used the products and then admittedly, I slacked off.


Then, when we found out we were pregnant, I began to take notice of our cleaning products.  I knew there was special baby laundry soap, but what about the things I was cleaning with.  I started comparing the name brands with Shaklee products.

I already knew that the Shaklee products just as well as any other cleaner and that they didn’t contain any harsh chemicals and dyes.   Shaklee states that their Get Clean® products “do not contain hazardous ingredients.” They specifically state…

No naphthalene          No kerosene          No formaldehyde          No phenol          No cresol          No lye

No hydrochloric acid          No sulfuric acid          No petroleum distillates          No benzene          No ammonia

No paradichlorobenzene          No sodium hydroxide          No butyl cello solve          No phosphoric acid          No chlorine

ZERO ingredients that are hazardous to humans

ZERO chemicals like phosphates, chlorine, and nitrates that are harmful to the planet.

ZERO volatile organic compounds, chemicals that produce noxious toxins and air pollution are in the Get Clean brand.

Wow!  Half that stuff I didn’t know what it was but I sure was glad it wasn’t in my Shaklee products.  Have you ever read the ingredients on cleaning chemicals?  I am sure that most people, like myself, do not know what most of the stuff is.  That was when I completely switched over all my cleaning products and have never looked back.  I wanted my home to be the safest place in the world for my little munchkins.  Seriously, if I run out, I just don’t clean until the box arrives.  🙂


UnknownI know that our home is clean and that my little kiddos are safe from chemicals.  The four legged kids are safe too…I even use Basic H2® on them to fight fleas.  I don’t have to worry about the kids touching our pets after administering flea meds.

My husband has even taken to using the Basic H2® at the boat shop.  It does wonders on road grime and lake residue, not to mention removing stains out of the carpets and vinyl seats.

So, take a chance and really clean your home, making it the safest place in the world!





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