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Oh my!  With over a 1000 uses for Basic-H2®, I could do a year’s worth of uses!  Maybe later we’ll do 30 Days of Basic-H2®…sounds fun!  You’ll think so too when you see this list of uses.

Shaklee has a list of approved uses.  Some of the uses we will discuss are not all Shaklee approved.
Shaklee says that Basic-H2® may be used on any washable surface inside and out.


• Walls
• Countertops
• Stoves
• Floors
• Stainless steel
• Windows and mirrors
• Appliances
• Sealed woodwork
• Sealed granite
• Sealed marble
(Not intended for use in aquariums or windshield washer reservoirs.)

Basic-H2® can be mixed in a variety of ways.  The three most common are Window Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser.  Shaklee even makes spray bottles with the instructions printed on them so you never have to remember or look up the directions!   Before you get mixing, I must tell you, be sure to use new spray bottles for mixing…if put into and old bottle, the Basic-H2® will actually clean the inside of bottle of the previous chemicals.  Then you will have Basic-H2® and other chemicals mixed in the sprayer, and it won’t clean.  The same thing goes for your cloths.  If you are using paper towels, there are no issues, but if you are using a microfiber cloth, you want to be sure you are washing it in Shaklee too.  Otherwise, the something else you are washing it in be coming off on other surfaces, especially your mirrors.

Window Cleaner mixture (costs less than 1 cent)…
                 glass stove tops
                 remove  SCOUR OFF™ (another Shaklee cleaning product) residue
          You can also dust with this mixture.
All Purpose Cleaner mixture (cost 3 cents) …
                 tops of microwaves
                 ceramic stove tops
                 saute pans
          You want to be sure NOT to use this mixture on mirrors or windows…you will be very disappointed.  It’s amazing
          how just a tad bit more concentrate can ruin a good cleaning 🙂
Degreaser mixture may be used for (costs 20 cents) …
                 washing fruites & veggies
                 cleaning pots & pans
                 cleaning the yuck off the back of your car
To remove coffee, ink, grass, etc, you can apply Basic-H2® directly onto a spotted area, using your finger or toothbrush to rub it in.  Wipe with a damp cloth or rinse in the sink. I love this use!  In fact, I carry the samples in my purse for emergencies.  It’s great!!!
I also use Basic-H2® in its concentrated form to remove gum and relieve burns.
Basic-H2® works great on formica counter tops while BASIC-G® works better on granite, but we’ll cover that another day.  Can you believe all the uses for Basic-H2®?  Until tomorrow…
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