You Are My Sunshine

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I remember my niece, now 16, saying how sad the song “You Are My Sunshine” made her.  I always loved that song.  So her words truly surprised me.  She explained to me that the line “Please don’t take my sunshine away” was what upset her.  She didn’t want to be taken away.  How sad!!!  It was when I I had my own kiddos that her words set in.  While I do sing the song, I have changed the words so not to make my kiddos sad.  Here they are…..



You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When my skies are gray

You never know dear

How much I love you

It’s more and more everyday.

Pretty creative huh?  It give my kids something a bit special for them from mommy.

Now, why this post today?  Well, a friend shared a post on Facebook and I read the article.  It brought tears to my eyes.  “You Are My Sunshine”  was sung by a little boy to his sister.  And the last line (the real one not mine)  was ringing true.  While I also shared this on my Facebook, I just felt compelled to share it here to.  As a mom, please take a moment and follow the link below.  While it will bring tears to your eyes, the joy this mommy feels will have you smiling and realizing how lucky you are.  My son, Bryan sings “You Are My Sunshine”  to his sister (his mommy’s version) and it is so sweet.  He can calm her down in a heartbeat.  The little boy in the link below does the same, only more powerfully.  This story has made “You Are My Sunshine” even sweeter for me.


CLICK HERE  to read:

Nothing else could save this baby’s life.  

That’s when her big brother performed a miracle



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